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L’art iranien s’expose en Principaute – Monaco Channel
July 2017
Magic of Persia pour la bonne cause
July 2017
Monaco Madame – Magic in Monaco
July 2017
Koocheh Honar – کوچه هنر – with Parviz Kardan
November 2016
Breakfast with Homa Sarshar
October 2016
Cultural Crossroads | Magic of Persia Works Its Magic in LA by Roxane Zand
September 2016
Fondation Behnam Bakhtiar Interview with Shirley Elghanian
July 2016
MOP 10 Year Anniversary
July 2016
Magic of Persia: Remembering Tomorrow
March 2016
Remembering Tomorrow by Joobin Bekhrad
March 2016
Fondation Behnam Bakhtiar Interview with Shirley Elghanian
March 2016
Iran’s artists begin to shine on London stage
October 2015
MOP CAP 2015 | Interview with Shirley Elghanian
October 2015
MOP CAP 2015 | Podcast feat. VIP Auction & Interviews with Judging Panel
October 2015
Shirley Elghanian interviewed by Bijan Farhoodi
June 2015
Message from HH Farah Pahlavi
March 2015
Magic of Persia: Art Events in LA and NY
September 2014
Culture Clubs
December 2013
Bridge of Persia, MOP CAP Fundraising Auction Gala
November 2013
Magic of Persia’s Acts of Charity and Culture
October 2013
MOP CAP Finalists’ Announced
March 2013
MOP CAP Strikes Back!
February 2013
Shirin Sabahi, ‘Tomorrow Another City’
October 2012
Behind this Year’s Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize
October 2012
October 2012
Magic of Persia with Nina Zandnia
May 2012
March 2012
Diverse Canvas United in Spirit
March 2012
Shirley Elghanian, Celebrated Women in Society
March 2012
Payvand – Magic Of Persia’s Magical Nights Dubai 2012
February 2012
Breaking Ground: The MOP CAP Model
November 2011
MOP CAP 2011 Shortlist Finalists
March 2011
MOP CAP 2011
March 2011
Iranian art scene flourishing thanks to UAE exposure
January 2011
Magical Nights Dubai 2010
November 2010
DUBAI & ABU DHABI – Charity Art Exhibition and Auction Gala
November 2010
Mahmoud Bakhshi at Saatchi Gallery
September 2010
Norouz Celebration in London with Magic of Persia Family Weekend
March 2010
Contest Provides Inspiration to Young Iranian Artists
December 2009
Persia Family Weekend
March 2008
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