Rose Issa is a freelance curator, producer and writer specialized on visual arts and films from the Middle East and North Africa. For the last 25 years she has been curating film festivals and exhibitions on contemporary arts from the Arab world and Iran in collaboration with private and public institutions, such as the Tate Britain, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Barbican Art Centre, the Leighton House Museum, the Brunei Gallery (SOAS), the National Film Theater and the British Film Institute, the Institute of Contemporary Art in London; the CCCB in Barcelona; Foundation Beyeler, Basel; Parc de la Villette, Paris; Asia House, New York; IFA and House of World Culture, Berlin; The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow and the Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg; Los Angeles County Museum and Smithsonian Institute in USA.
She has advised institutions such as the British Museum, the Imperial War Museum, the Museum of Mankind, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London; The National Museum of Scotland; The Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, USA; and the National Gallery of Jordan, in their acquisition of contemporary arts from the Middle East.
She has been for several years advisor to the London, Rotterdam, Berlin International Film Festivals on Arab and Iranian Films and oranised many film seasons at the National Film Theatre and the Barbican Film Centre in London.
In 2003 she was a member of the Jury of National Pavilions at the 50th Biennale of Venice.
Rose is the Director of Beyond Art Productions. She has recently published Iranian Photography Now and curated:
Mitra Tabrizian: This is That Place, Tate Britain, London, 4th June 10th August 2008
Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian: Geometry of Hope, Leighton House Museum, 18th June 12th July 2008
Walid Siti: Land on Fire, Leighton House Museum, 16th July 4th August 2008
Farhad Ahararnia: Stitched, Leighton House Museum, 13th August 6th September 2008
Hassan Hajajj: DAkka Marrakesh, Leighton House Museum, 10th September 5th October

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